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Mefron is committed to serving various industries in the constantly changing world of technology. We are preparing ourselves to cope with the demands of the future and make our mark as a pioneer in the industry. Our services are based on the ideology of technology for the people, which is why we are working hard to make sure the products we manufacture are of the highest quality and at a low cost.

We care for each industry, knowing that each one requires different electronic manufacturing services and standards to function. We have grown to cater to every need of microelectronics, power electronics, and IoT sensors for various standards and grades. Our flexible assembly line can handle a variety of assembly grades to meet the needs of industries.

Best-in-Class Electronic Manufacturing Services

We are a continuously evolving company that is constantly looking for new ways to improve manufacturing efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Mefron is ready to take on challenges that are meant for innovation and future-proof.

Our electronic manufacturing services are designed to fulfill the most rigorous industry standards while also providing our valued customers with the greatest level of support. At the forefront of technical progress, we provide full support for the whole product lifecycle, from new product introduction to reverse logistics. Our EMS manufacturing solutions are specifically configured to meet the needs of various sectors.

Delivering Unmatched Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to Thrive Industries

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