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Box Build Electro Mechanical Assembly Services

Mefron offers custom box-building services

Mefron offers custom box-building services that let you create the perfect packaging for your brand. We work toward achieving appealing designs that are both functional and innovative. Our solution is perfect for complex industrial, commercial, and consumer packaging. Whether you need a single box or a large order, we can cater to your needs.

Our dedicated professional work with you from designing, mechanical assembly, and box building to delivering the product to supply chain management ensuring every requirement is satisfied.

box-building services

Box Building Service

Get the Perfect Box for Your Products

Your products deserve packaging that stands out from the rest. From simple plastic enclosures to multi-rack assemblies, our comprehensive box-building services cater to everything you need for your custom packaging. Our team of experts works with you to understand your unique requirements and design a box that not only looks great but also provides optimal protection for the electronic components inside.

System-level assembly integration

Part ordering

Product assembly

Sub-level product assembly

Sub-level product assembly

Quality inspection

Packaging & labeling

Testing/test fixture

Software loading and product configuration

The product is delivered to a convenient warehouse

Box Building Service

At Mefron, we do


Designing box shapes and sizes that are entirely compliant with industry standards and criteria, whether they pertain to power electronics or smart sensors.

Material selection

We can work with a variety of materials since we have in-house plastic injection molding and sheet metal fabrication facilities and experts.

On-time production

Once the design is finalized, our team of professionals, with the help of the latest equipment and an uninterrupted thread of production line.

Quality assurance

We ensure each product is produced in good quality and is ready to use. We do this distinctly for each industry.

Our Capabilities

NPI and engineering

Complex electro-mechanical systems

Cable assembly and harnesses

Supply chain and material management

Packing and global fulfilment

Technology integration, including sensors, power conversion, display, and IoT

Mechanical assembly

Precision at its Best: Mefron Mechanical Assembly Services

We understand the crucial value of mechanical assembly in electronic manufacturing services. Our focus on precision and attention to detail ensures the product is manufactured to the highest standards. Our experts design and implement the interconnection of sub-assembly electronic parts and mechanical accessories.

Mechanical assembly

At Mefron, we do

Component procurement & preparation

We prepare assembly components in-house, or clients can choose to procure them from particular vendors. Before assembly, we ensure that every component has been examined, cleaned, and made ready for use.

Aligning components

The subassembly components are aligned in the correct arrangement inside the box.


Once the components are in line, the components are connected through wire harnessing and other methods to the product.

Software integration

Our software team can integrate your software with the assembly system if required. This makes us able to deliver fully functional assemblies.

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