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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Unleash the Possibilities of Metal Sheets, with Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Expertise

Mefron's in-house facilities can design metal sheets and fabricate product-supporting accessories. We have partnered with a specialized tool house to provide the highest-quality and most cost-effective enclosures and accessories as quickly as possible in order to achieve the greatest product quality and customer satisfaction in sheet metal fabrication.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to handle it with ease. From prototypes to large production runs, we are equipped to meet your needs.

Quick tooling development

Pilot production support

Surface treatment: plating, powder coating & painting

Design & engineering for manufacturability feasibility

Experts in providing customized and exclusive Metal enclosures

Quick prototype building by using different advanced technologies like laser and CNC etc

Sheet Metal Fabrication Expertise

Why Choose Mefron Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Reliable Delivery

Quality components are delivered on time. Our logistic network is extensive enough to procure parts and deliver items throughout the country.

Domestic Production

Manufactured in India, using only made-in-India products, with secondary processes such as hardware placement, welding, and finishing completed in-house or locally by an approved vendor.

Expansive Capacity

We are devoted to continuously expanding our capabilities and our facility is dedicated just to this.

Low Material Waste

Design a production method that maximizes resource consumption while minimizing waste, which will lower costs.

Processes We Follow

Several fabrication techniques, including bending, drawing, flanging, punching, shearing, spinning, and stretching, are incorporated into sheet metal fabrication services. All our techniques aim to produce durable, high-quality components and products while spending less time on labor and reducing material waste.

Processes We Follow


C-shapes, V-shapes, and channel shapes are the most common bends made, and we are well-versed in creating them in a standard die set.


Another stamping process. During flanging, manufacturers bend material along a curved line.


After placing the metal between a punch and a die positioned in a press, the press forces the punch into the die with enough force to make a hole.


Stamping processes that transform flat sheet metal into any number of three-dimensional forms.


Clamping flat sheet metal around its edges and then stretching it to make goods such as smooth vehicle body pieces.


Cutting method that uses large shears to slice into sheet metal.

What We're Capable of

Our versatile metal component manufacturing method can accommodate both high-volume commodity items and low-volume, one-of-a-kind applications. Sheet metal fabrication items that are commonly used include:

Electrical enclosure






Parts for computer electronics

We're Capable
Machinery Used

Machinery Used

Punch and Die Machines

form products from sheets by punching shapes.

Press Brakes

Machine brakes that metalworkers use to bend sheet metal.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

can be handled manually or with computer-controlled (CNC) equipment.


cutting tools use laser beams to make extremely clean, high-quality cuts.


cutting tools with rotating tips that create perfect mechanical holes in the material.

Automated Lines

assembly lines that employ automated machines rather than humans. Automated lines are extremely efficient and produce fewer errors.

We Ensure


We take pride in delivering top-notch workmanship, using only the best materials and equipment.


We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and we are committed to delivering your projects on time.


Our years of experience in the industry have given us the knowledge and skills to handle any project.

Customer Service

Our customer-focused approach means that we are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for our clients.

Materials we deal with

Aluminum 5052

Copper T1/T2/C110

Brass H59/H65

Stainless Steel 303/304/316

Zinc plated steel

Cold rolled steel

Hot rolled steel

Materials we deal

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