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Tailored Clean Room Solutions

Meeting Unique Clean Room Requirements

Cleanrooms for electronics assembly vary in their requirements. Mefron Technologies specializes in providing custom clean room assembly services that adapt to the specific needs of our customers. Our electronic assembly cleanrooms offer a range of customizable features to ensure a clean and controlled environment for precision electronics manufacturing.

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Clean Room Solutions

Customizable Clean Room Features

Engineering Excellence in Cleanroom Design

Our clean room assembly services include the following customizable features:


We offer various lighting module options, including energy-efficient LED fixtures, to meet local energy codes. All lighting choices are designed to maintain ceiling integrity and prevent the infiltration of particles and airborne bacteria. Special designs facilitate bulb/lamp replacement without contaminating the clean areas.

Doors & Entryways:

We provide flexibility in door options, including single doors, double doors, and sliding doors with or without safety viewing windows. The width and height of these doors are customizable, and we offer manual sliding doors, automatic roll-up doors, and other specialized door configurations.

Electrical Options:

Our cleanrooms can be equipped with pre-wired raceways for light switches and 110v outlets, configured according to your specific requirements. Additional power options are available to meet your electrical needs.

Air Showers & Pass-Thru Chambers:

For enhanced cleanliness, fully-sealed cleanroom air showers with absolute filters can be integrated at one or all entry points as needed. We also offer pass-thru chambers in various sizes and configurations to facilitate the transfer of materials and equipment between clean and non-clean areas.

Custom Cleanrooms for Precision

Optimizing Cleanroom Environments for Electronics

Cleanroom environments are critical for precision electronics assembly. Our customized cleanroom solutions are engineered to meet the highest standards and deliver optimal conditions for electronic product manufacturing.

Custom Cleanrooms
Collaborate with Us

Collaborate with Us

Elevate Your Electronics Assembly with Custom Cleanrooms

Ready to enhance your electronic product assembly with Mefron Technologies' custom clean room assembly services? Contact us today to discuss your specific cleanroom requirements or explore potential collaborations. We are committed to engineering excellence in cleanroom design, ensuring a clean and controlled environment for your electronics manufacturing needs.

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