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High-Precision Screen Printer | FUJI

GPX-C Deigned specially for Consistent highly accuracy printing quality and user friendly operating environment machine from the base to printing section enables high accuracy printing even for large panels, and durability which can maintain printing quality.

GPX-C can Support 50 x 50mm to 610 x 610 mm and PCB Thickness 0.4 to 6.0mm

High-Precision Screen Printer FUJI

Positional High Accuracy: ± 0.012mm 6α

Snap off : up to 4mm, Speed : 0.1 to 40mm/Sec

Double squeeze Operational: Metal Squeeze type, 60 degree Print Angle

Alignment Accuracy: ± 0.020mm 6α

Screen Frame Size: 29” x 29”

Automatic width Adjust facility

Dry/Wet + Dry Vacuum Cleaning

Under side clearance of 25.4mm (Using back-up pins)

Easy Programing

Hi-Speed Pick & Place | FUJI

The AIMEX IIIC is designed especially for component flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility.

The AIMEX IIIC can support large Panels up 50 x 50mm to 508 x 400mm, PCB Thickness 0.4 to 6.0mm size.

Hi-Speed Pick & Place FUJI

Rated Speed 54000 CPH

Configured with FUJI intelligent feeder, which supports to components traceability Functions, Feeder maintenance function & Component exhaust warning using traceability software

Placement Accuracy: ± 30µm @ 3α CPK ≥ 1.00

Built- in Auto and Hybrid calibration ensures placement accuracy to best level all the time during production.

Image Processing through CCD Camera

Configured with Fly vision camera

Offline/Online Programing supported

MS Algorithm function supports to us handle any ODD Shape parts using seek lines

Feeders supports traceability of components using optional FUJItrax Software

Fuji Feeder are of Variable pitch, Electrically Driven, Common for Paper and Emboss, Common for Parts 0402 mm(01005”) to 3225mm (1210”) parts size.

Feeder can be loaded and unloaded during machine Production mode for quick parts replacement.

Reflow Oven | JT

The most efficient heat transfer Reflow.

Reflow Oven JT

8 Top and 8 Bottom Heating Zones & 2 Cooling Zones

In build PCB Reflow profile facility±

350°C (maximum operating temperature for Lead-Free Approved Reflow)

Conveyor Type : Chain + Mesh

Belt 20" Belt Conveyor (19" [483mm] usable width and 0.5" [12.5mm] pitch)

Conveyor width adjustment: Motorized

Left-to-Right (transport direction)

Conveyor height adjustable: Maximum 900mm ±20mm

Individual Cell Inlet and Exhausts

Flux Flow Control (flux evacuation system)

Emergency Stops (one on each corner of the system)

Over-Temperature Safety System (bi-metalic sensors)

IR Based BGA Rework Station | PDR

PDR IR based BGA rework station is High-Precision and accuracy machine for µBGAs, CSPs, BGAs, QFNs, QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs Standard Rework

IR Based BGA Rework Station PDR

Advanced features are as below

Advanced Focused IR based component heating

Quartz IR PCB Preheating

Precision component Pick & Place Mechanism

Precision PCB Handling

Component Temperature control system

PCB Temperature Control system

Advanced Software based Auto Thermal profile Process Control

Camera/Prism based BGA/CSP QFN Alignment System

Production Video

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