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Endeavour to be the leading technologically advanced electronics manufacturing and solution provider.

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Years of Experience in Electronic Manufacturing Services

Mefron Technologies is a Leading Hi-Tech and Quality electronic Product Manufacturer Company in India.We support project from any location effortlessly, by putting continual improvement and quality at the centre of our processes

We provide high-end engineering & manufacturing services to all industries as a contract manufacturer. As EMS firm and print circuit board maker, We provide PCB assembly, PCB design, prototyping, & manufacturing solutions










State-of-the-art infrastructure for reliable electronic manufacturing service solutions.

Manufacturing Facilities

Cutting-edge manufacturing facilities equipped for efficient production processe

Research & Development Lab

State-of-the-art facilities fostering innovation and creativity

Testing Labs

Conducting rigorous product testing as per industry standards & regulations

Warehousing & Logistics

Efficient storage of goods and Inventory management systems for optimized stock levels

Equipment & Machinery

Cutting-edge machinery for high-quality manufacturing processes

Prototyping Lab

Dedicated space for creating and refining prototypes

Experienced Staff Experienced Staff

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We Serve A Variety Of Technologically Advanced Markets

Mefron is a renowned provider of electronic manufacturing services, specialising in the very complex technology areas of EV market and defence, medical devices, and industrial technologies. From initial product ideas to generating high-reliability microelectronic devices used in various appliactions, we provide product realisation services and customised contract manufacturing solutions.

$50mn Group Revenue

150 Globally Employees

Total Facility:- 100000 SQ. MTS.

Total Plant Capacity:- 1000K CPH

Certificate IOS & QMS

Manufacturing - 4 Facilities

Customers - 20+ OEMS

Lead-Free, ESD Protected & Clean Environment

Manufacturing Services

Comprehensive manufacturing services for your electronic product needs and requirements.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Hi-Tech electronic manufacturing services for efficient production and assembly

Precision Plastic Injection Moulding

High-quality precision plastic injection molding for complex part manufacturing

Wire Harness Manufacturing

Reliable wire harness manufacturing for seamless connectivity in diverse industries

Cable Manufacturing

Custom cable manufacturing solutions for reliable data and power transmission

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Expert sheet metal fabrication services for precise and durable components

Packaging Manufacturing

Efficient packaging manufacturing to protect and enhance product presentation

Silicon Tape Work

Professional silicon tape work for reliable insulation and protection solutions

Industrial Painting

Impeccable industrial painting services to enhance aesthetics and durability

Specialist EMS Company Dedicated To High-End Engineering.

From design to mass-production, we understand flexibility and customer relationship are as important as advanced engineering skills.

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Quick Turn Around Services

Affordable Pricing

100% Quality Guarantee

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Why choose us?

Why you can trust us?

We strive for a fair and equally profitable solution and actively look to reduce the cost as much as possible. Mefron Technologies supports our customers and empowers them towards sustainable business growth.

What makes us special?

Timely communication and program management have been our key strengths in developing our customer base. We, as a company, believe that trust and relationships are the foundation of our growth.

Benefits we bring you?

Mefron Technologies offers a one-stop shop for affordable, integrated, and high-quality product solutions. We apply our expertise across the entire spectrum of product development, from new product development to legacy support.

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Testing support services

Mefron EMS offers comprehensive testing support for your electronic products, ensuring quality, reliability, and optimal performance. Trust our expertise!


Accurate and thorough electronics testing services to guarantee optimal performance and functionality of your electronic devices


Reliable plastics testing solutions to ensure durability, safety, and compliance of your plastic components

Cable & Wire

Comprehensive cable and wire testing services to validate the performance, conductivity, and reliability of your electrical connections

Product Level

Product-level testing expertise to assess and verify the overall quality and functionality of your electronic products

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Support Services

Dedicated & Reliable after-sales support services for uninterrupted operation of your electronic products

Warranty Management

Efficient warranty management solutions for hassle-free product coverage and support

Product Repair Services

Reliable product repair services for restoring functionality and extending product life span

Product Upgrades

Enhance your product's capabilities with our seamless and efficient upgrade solutions

End-of-Life Services

Comprehensive end-of-life services for proper disposal and eco-friendly handling

Technical Support

Expert technical support for prompt resolutions and smooth operation

Product Refurbishing

Revitalize your products with our efficient and reliable refurbishing services.

Mefron Offers Superior EMS Services To Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs)

As a leading Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider, we are obliged to deliver unparalleled quality products and support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) at competitive prices. Our well-tailored services meet the requirements of our clients, from local to multinational, small-scale to massive corporations.Mefron's team of experts is well-equipped with the latest industry technology and trends to provide optimal services. Through our work, we help innovative minds achieve their goal of new product introduction. Furthermore, our efficient supply chain mechanism allows us to provide services and procure components globally.


Mefron is certificated with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, UL and RoHS listed, we are always committed to stringent quality control.

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