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Mefron Technologies is a Leading Hi-Tech and Quality electronic Product Manufacturer Company in India.

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We strive for a fair and equally profitable solution and actively look to reduce the cost as much as possible. Mefron Technologies supports our customers and empowers them towards sustainable business growth.

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Timely communication and program management have been our key strengths in developing our customer base. We, as a company, believe that trust and relationships are the foundation of our growth.

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Mefron Technologies offers a one-stop shop for affordable, integrated, and high-quality product solutions. We apply our expertise across the entire spectrum of product development, from new product development to legacy support.

Mefron offers superior EMS services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

Electronic Manufacturing Service

As a leading Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider, we are obliged to deliver unparalleled quality products and support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) at competitive prices. Our well-tailored services meet the requirements of our clients, from local to multinational, small-scale to massive corporations.

Mefron's team of experts is well-equipped with the latest industry technology and trends to provide optimal services. Through our work, we help innovative minds achieve their goal of new product introduction. Furthermore, our efficient supply chain mechanism allows us to provide services and procure components globally.


We strive to be part of innovations and at the forefront of the latest industry trends that define humanity's future. Mefron aims to elevate your products' competitiveness by offering cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. We support start-up innovators as they step into mass production at the early stages of their business development.


Achieving customer satisfaction through continuous innovation and engineering excellence. Our mission is to make Mefron a major contributor to the Make in India initiatives through our dedication to quality in all aspects of our business, including production, customer service, and supply chain management.


Deliver a reliable and transparent manufacturing process to OEMs at all levels. Our professionals value the client’s needs for manufacturing high-quality products on time and at the lowest possible cost while adhering to high standards with the help of continuously evolving internal machinery.

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The standards we uphold, the certifications obtained, the precision planning for repeatable production cycles, and the quality control system in place help us serve a variety of industries.

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