Communication Industry

Preparing you for the 5G world: Be a part of a changing world.

Communication and network industries are once again disrupted with the advent of 5G and IoT devices. We enable industries to cope with advancements happening in the digital world. No matter the need, whether it be for a simple device or a complex communication and data acquisition device, our assembly facility is capable of meeting the requirements. Electronic Manufacturing Services is becoming crucial for the industry every day as new technologies seek a new set of devices.

We help the industry develop personal communication devices and network peripherals such as access points, tower monitoring devices, network switches, converters, etc. We can be your one-stop solution for fabricating communication and network devices that are compatible with industry standards, including, mill-grade, rugged, and zero-noise devices for all industries.

Communication & Networking

We assemble for

Broadband & Consumer Equipment

Fiber Optic Multiplexers

Fixed & mobile networks

High-speed routers and servers

Information security technology

Military communications systems

PBX systems

Telecom Tower Remote Monitoring System

Wireless access points

Signal Amplification Devices

Signal boost online systems

Space communications technology

Airbag Deployment

Video Conferencing Devices

Voice over Internet Protocol

Waveguide Grating Devices

Cell transmission and power electronics

Switching Applications (Controllers, Heating, and Sensing)

Wireless industrial and commercial phone technology



IEEE 802.3

The Ethernet protocol defines the physical and data link layers.


IEEE 802.11

A family of standards that define wireless communication such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.



which defines 10 gigabit Ethernet over twisted pair cabling.


USB standards

These specifications outline the communication protocols that USB devices employ.


PCI standards

The communication methods used by devices connected to a PCI bus.



Outlines the specifications for conformal coating materials, procedures, and quality assurance standards to guarantee the dependability of electronic assemblies under challenging circumstances like temperature and humidity variations.

Why partner with us

Prepare for the 5G era

We're prepared for the future.It is our motto to be part of a changing world; hence, designing and fabricating sophisticated hardware is our prime focus. We are fully aware of the demand for small, effective devices that support 5G networking and communication.

Cutting-edge Assembly

Our group of knowledgeable technicians and engineers assembles communication systems and devices using the most recent methodologies and techniques for PCB assembly, SMT assembly, and cable assembly.

Quality Control

To make sure that our products meet or exceed industry requirements, we employ a variety of testing and inspection techniques, such as visual inspection, functional testing, and environmental testing.

Repair and Maintenance

To guarantee that communication systems continue to operate at their highest potential, our team of skilled specialists can identify and fix a wide range of problems, including hardware and software difficulties.

Testing standards for communication devices


Performance testing

Testing that evaluates how well the device performs under various conditions, such as heavy network traffic or warm weather. It may also include additional testing techniques, such as load testing, stress testing, and others, to simulate the conditions of real-world usage.


Security Testing

It identifies possible security holes and ensures that the device conforms to relevant security standards and laws. To identify and resolve security issues, testing methods like risk analyses and penetration testing can be utilized.


Interoperability Testing

It involves procedures determining how well the device can communicate with other systems and devices, as well as how well it works with different network settings and protocols.


Regulatory Compliance Testing

At the end of the production line, we ensure that the assembly product meets the standards and compliances for the applications it will be used in.The tests help our clients to offer guaranteed products in any range.

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