Startup Program


Startup Electronics Technology is a programme launched by the Mefron Technology in 2023, with a vision to provide the startup with capability to become a dominant player in Electronics Technology. Through this Programme, Research, Development, Deployment and Commercialization of Electronics Technology is envisaged by enhancing the indigenous R&D expertise and infrastructure ustlization for the Startup. Two phases of this startup program each with 2-year duration the Third phase of this Programme will be of five years aiming further strengthening of the startup electronics technology base product for full scale production. These three phases are Start. Build and Grow.

Start Phase

For Startup just starting out and validating their MVP via prototype.

Build Phase

For Startup building out commercial products and taking them to market.

Grow Phase

For scaleups growing to meet the needs of new customers and markets.

Startup Promotion Scheme

Promotion of Startups is one of the thrust areas being addressed Mefron Technology .Many Electronics technologies developed under Startup are ready to be translated into products for commercialization. India has immense opportunity to focus on Electronics Startup companies as we have got research and development excellence and we have some of the finest industry veterans working with us. The domestic market potential itself is very huge that companies can flourish if innovative and cost-effective Electronics products pertaining to low energy, IOT system, motor drive system, e-mobility sub systems, custom design electronic solutions, defense products etc. need to brought out at appropriate time through startup ecosystem. Mefron facilitating collaboration of industry, R&D and academics, which can play a vital role in developing a Startup ecosystem in the field of electronics. It is proposed to support the Startup entrepreneur for proto development in terms of technology, consultancy and testing facility from Mefron.

Objectives of the Scheme

Promotion of Startups in the field of Electronics and associated areas.

Propagation of technologies developed under Mefron technology through engagements with Startups.

Initiation of product-oriented configurations and incremental developments with Startup support through Intent of Association (IoA).

Technical Support and training to build and test initial proto models.

Support to Startups for marketing their products through Mefron networks.

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Modes of Engagement of Startups

Technology Transfer (ToT)

Technologies developed under Mefron startup programme which is matured enough to be deployed or ready for production, will be offered on ToT basis. Relevant technologies ready for production under Mefron startup programme are listed in Annexure-A.

Intent of Association (IoA)

Startups may associate through an IoA before a technology becomes ready for production. The association will be for additional technology developments, configurations, validation etc. Once the technology becomes ready for production after the involvement of Startup, an IP sharing scheme may be formulated.

Support to the Startups

The following technical supports will be given to the Startups selected for association with.

Providing documents and guidelines required for production with essential design knowhow

Training to the Startups in the technologies identified for association, so as to enable them to build and test initial proto models

Facility for testing the proto models in the Technology Transfer Lab at the Mefron R&D Center, if required, shall be provided (essential requirements and terms will be mutually discussing and incorporate in the agreement of startup selected for association)

Technical support

We will be provided for Startups for one year from the date of agreement to help them to come out with the product/proto model / value added technology.

Marketing support

Advertisement shall be given through Mefron networks for the products developed by the Startups in association with Mefron.

The Startups may be linked with the other partners to sell their product in a more effective way.

Financial Support

There is no financial support proposed to the Startups, but in certain case fund will be provided based on valuation and equity.


The Startups should be engaged in Electronics and other related areas

Research/industry background of the technical lead/manpower associated with the startup will be considered while shortlisting.

The Startup should get registered in recognized Incubation centres before entering into technical associations. The selected Startups shall be approved by the Mefron Screen Committee.

Submission Guidelines

Submit Expression of Interest along with format provided in Annexure-B

The EoI and the proposal should be addressed to

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