Wire and Cable Harness Prototyping Services

We are offering wire harness and cable harness services

We deliver our expert craftsmanship in wire harness service to maintain the quality of the product and, at the same time, its cost effectiveness. We are following many standards, including IPC-620, IPC-610, and J-STD-001, and strictly following process controls for monitoring the soldering, stripping, crimping, and testing processes on our shop floor to meet standard requirements.

The Mefron team assembles custom wire harnesses in a variety of lengths, wire gauges (from minimum 28 to maximum 10 cable size), and colors. Depending on the need, the length of our wires can vary from 3 inches to as long as required.

Cable Harness

Benefits Mefron brings you:

We understand the necessity of wire harnesses being compliant with industry, geometric, environmental, and electric requirements. Our dedicated wire harness team routes you the best way to achieve signal integrity and space utilization. In addition to it, we bring you the following advantages:

Simple, transparent process:

We design the most simple and repeatable processes that ensure reliability in long-term projects.

IPC 620 standards:

For high-quality interconnection assembly.

Easy reverse engineering:

We design for easy disconnecting and disassembling for easy current analysis, repair, and troubleshooting.

Fast installation process:

wire harnesses with easy connect/disconnect that incorporate all of a product's wires, cables, and subassemblies.


With no compromise on quality, our experts always focus on the cost of the final product to make it value for your money.

Best routing:

The length, width, and configuration of the main product to which each wire and terminal is configured carefully for each wire and terminal.


By combining hazardous electrical wiring, these cable harness assemblies and wire assemblies ensure safety.

Services We Provide

Reverse engineering

RF cable sssemblies

Custom configuration

Unlimited combinations

Power cable assemblies

Speedy installation time

Flat cable & wire harnesses

Electro-mechanical assemblies

In-line wire and cable marking

Wide range of component options

Harness assembly with complexity

Harness subassembly prefabrication

Application of multiple interconnects

100% fit, form, and function validation

High-speed automated wire processing

Ultrasonic welding for in-line wire splicing

Customized harness assembly with specific requirements

Molded cable assemblies (Jack, USB Cables, Micro USB, OTG, C Type, D Type, and many more)

Services we provide
Services we provide
Services we provide

Testing to assure the quality:

Mechanical Testing:

In this testing, our professionals evaluate the cables' tensile strength, elongation, impact, crush resistance, and other properties. We ensure the cables meet an application's requirements, and their mechanical qualities are tested.

Electrical Testing:

Testing is done on the cables to check for shorts, faulty wiring, and open wires through a couple of wires. Connecting the connector assembly to an electrical fixture with a mating connector ensures the circuitry works as per design.

Signal Integrity Testing:

For their effectiveness in maintaining signals in the particular application, signal integrity analysis is done. Common test types include crosstalk, error testing, and transmission power testing.

Visual Testing:

The wires and cables are visually inspected by our skilled test engineers for signs of damage, which can happen at any point during the manufacturing process. To make sure the connection is solid and electrically safe, they also evaluate connectors, sockets, and enclosures. Verify that the assemblies adhere to the requirements of the applications, etc.

Environmental Testing:

Cable and wire harness assemblies are used in various applications, indoors and outdoors. We determine whether the cables and wire harness are appropriate for the design's specified application. Conditions like high temperatures, salt fog, seawater spray, moisture, and other factors may be present while the assembly is used.

Testing to assure the quality

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