Defence & Military Industry

Manufacturing the most rigorous Military grade devices

Mefron specializes in producing high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) that meet the rigorous demands of the military, aerospace, and other high-reliability industries. Our experts focus on design to meet client expectations in terms of robustness and performance requirements. We design to meet temperature, pressure, and shock standards as well as to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Standards we offer



Printed circuit board performance requirements



Rigid Printed Boards Qualification and Performance Specification



Acceptability of Printed Circuit Boards



Quality Management Systems requirements

Standards we offer

Applications we serve

Control system

Communication systems

Ruggedized computer

LED lighting systems

Control tower systems

Power distribution system

Ground station equipment

We test mill-grade PCB assembly using a variety of techniques:

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): This testing procedure checks the PCB assembly for flaws like missing parts, improper component positioning, and soldering errors.

X-ray Inspection: Used to check the solder flaws

In-Circuit Testing (ICT): Checks the electronic function of components and connections.

Environmental Testing: Performed to check whether the assembly survives various environment conditions.

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