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Biometric sensors, devices, and solution services are relatively new in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). We are proud to say that Mefron can cater to it comprehensively.

Biometrics is one of the fastest-growing industries in the context of contemporary, evolving cybersecurity challenges in various industries. It requires high-standard technology and expertise in developing innovative solutions for safe authentication for various industry verticals. The Mefron team has over a decade of experience handling biometric products, especially optical components, and sensor development according to the standards of the security industry.

We are well-equipped to serve the needs of various regional regulations and specifications for various industries.

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We help to achieve

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians works tirelessly to design and manufacture innovative biometric devices that are compliant with:

FBI Standards

Biometric systems certified to FBI standards are considered to be the most secure and reliable. We follow FBI guidelines and standards in our manufacturing process.

STQC certification

We are experienced in manufacturing devices that comply with STQC standards, which you may use for the Aadhaar application.

Cover all variants

We are capable of manufacturing all variants of biometric devices: fingerprint sensors (capacitive & optical), face recognition devices, iris recognition sensors (single & dual iris), ten-print scanners, and integrated devices for all the sensors above mentioned.

Other Standards



This standard, which is widely used in the biometric sector, describes the data format for storing and transferring fingerprint templates.


ISO/IEC 19794-2

It outlines the requirements for capturing, storing, and transmitting iris images and is used in iris recognition systems.


ISO/IEC 19794-5

Specifies the requirements for capturing, storing, and transmitting facial images and is used in facial recognition systems.


NIST SP 800-76-2

This standard is widely used in the government and military sectors, specifies the technical requirements for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) systems.

Technologies we provide

We offer different variants of various biometric devices that are compatible with all industries, have ruggedness, and have different use cases.

Fingerprint sensors

Our fingerprint devices are designed to capture high-quality fingerprint images that are reliable, accurate, and tamper-proof. We offer a range of fingerprint devices that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including access control, time and attendance tracking, and identity verification.

Iris Capture Devices

We offer industry-standard single and dual iris scanners and integrated devices that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including access control, citizen enrollment, time and attendance tracking, and identity verification.

Face Recognition

Fully assembled sensor cameras are integrated with a facial recognition API and smart devices to detect, capture, match, and compare faces. Our face recognition devices are outfitted with cutting-edge algorithms that can detect faces even in low-light situations and distinguish between real faces and images.

Tenprint scanners

We are one of the pioneers in manufacturing tenprint scanners and have been serving in the field for more than a decade. We are able to manufacture rugged scanners with larger capture areas that are ideal for citizen enrollment applications for governments.

Manufacture biometrics for industries


Biometrics is increasingly used in the development of automotive technologies and EV manufacturing to identify vehicle owners.

Financial Services and Banking

Banks and fintech companies will benefit from biometrics as financial services become more digital. We manufacture secure biometric sensors that protect against cyber threats and allow for transparent transactions.


Biometric data enables faster patient identification in emergency situations. We design multi-modal integrated devices, especially for healthcare devices.

Government applications

Providing biometric devices for governments that can be used for various schemes and applications and are compatible with use in any environmental conditions.


The use of facial recognition in the hospitality sector is expanding as a new means of offering consumers more individualized services. The hotel business has begun to incorporate biometrics, from rapid check-in to identification-based, tailored preferred services.


From lunch programs to attendance systems, facial recognition or fingerprints may be used for anything needing verification. A similar mechanism might be used by teachers to obtain student grades and private data.

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