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Elevating Wire Harness Manufacturing

Enhancing Connectivity through Expert Engineering

Welcome to Mefron Technologies' value-added engineering services for wire harness manufacturing. Our commitment is to elevate wire harness design and production through expert engineering, driving innovation and efficiency in connectivity and electrical systems.

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Excellence at Every Connection

At Mefron Technologies, we excel in providing value-added engineering services for wire harness manufacturing. Our capabilities include:

Custom Design Optimization:

We enhance wire harness designs to improve performance, reduce production costs, and optimize efficiency.

Quality Assurance Integration:

Rigorous testing and quality control are seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing process to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Production Efficiency Enhancement:

Our engineering solutions streamline production processes, reducing lead times and improving overall productivity.

Custom-Design-Optimization Quality-Assurance-Integration
Wire-Harness-Manufacturing Wire-Twisting

Taking Wire, Cable, and Tubing to the Next Level

Just like Lapp Tannehill's additional value-added services, Mefron Technologies offers comprehensive solutions to enhance wire, cable, and tubing products:

Wire Twisting:

We tailor wire twisting to your specific needs, saving you time and costs.

Cut and Strip Wire:

Precision custom cut lengths made to your requirements, long or short.

Wire and Cable Marking:

Customized marking for easy identification to meet your requirements.

Tubing Cutting and Marking:

Precise tubing cutting and hot stamping for easy identification.

Custom Labeling:

Personalized labeling for wire, cable, boxes, or spools.


Save time and enhance efficiency by having us kit your assemblies before shipment.

Inventory Management:

Streamline your operations with our Quick Pick solution for increased daily productivity.

Custom Cable:

We offer end-to-end support to meet your cable specifications, requirements, and modifications.

Transforming Connectivity Solutions

Ready to transform your wire harness manufacturing and connectivity solutions with Mefron Technologies' value-added engineering services? Contact us today to discuss your project requirements or explore potential collaborations. We are committed to driving innovation through expert engineering, helping you achieve excellence in your wire harness design and production endeavors.

Transforming Connectivity

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