EPE Foam Manufacturing

Protect, Insulate; with Mefron EPE Foam

Mefron's expert EPE foam services can cover all packaging needs. From protective cushioning to efficient insulation, we offer a range of EPE foam products and services to ensure the safety and preservation of your products during transportation. We utilize the flexibility of EPE foam to make it into any shape to protect your device in transit.

We employ the most recent technology and methods with an unwavering dedication to quality to provide outstanding results. To meet the unique needs of our customers, we provide a wide variety of EPE foam products, including foam sheets, rolls, blocks, and custom-cut shapes. To ensure that our EPE foam products adhere to the highest standards, we only utilize the best materials and strictly enforce procedures for quality control. We also ensure that our customers receive the best value and service by providing competitive prices and quick turnaround times.

Mefron Technologies Provide

EPE Foam Rolls

EPE Foam Rolls is a High-performance product for virtually all packaging and cushioning requirements. It fulfills your requirements for packaging, transportation, and marketing objectives that are functional and cost-effective.

EPE Foam Sheets

Used as an alternative to thermocol packaging for electrical devices, glassware, ceramics, polyester yarn/film, handicrafts, printers, UPS, currency teller machines, diagnostic kits, surgical equipment, and other sensitive and brittle goods.

EPE Foam Cut Pieces/Pouches

Negligible water absorption

Does not react with acids & Alkali

Can withstand joint movement & does not disintegrate

Will not discolor sealants or architectural substrates

Excellent recovery hence can accommodate joint movement

It can be customized according to client requirements.

Clean to work with, no crumbs, dust, or fibers, easy cutting by knife

EPE Foam Buffer

The EPE Foam Buffer Packaging Box is used to pack items in a corrugated box or wooden case. This foam has a low compression setting and excellent compressive strength. It can be modified following the needs.

EPE Foam Rod

EPE Foam Rods are non-cross-linked, extruded tubes. They are ideal for use as cushions. They guard against dents, scratches, and other damage. The product requires little maintenance and is lightweight, strong, and easy to cut. It has excellent impact resistance as well.

EPE Foam Profiles Section

EPE profile section is a U, L, & C-shaped polyethylene foam profile used as packing material for a variety of products to protect edges. Useful as packing materials for producers and exporters of handcrafted furniture, as well as for dealers in antiquities and high-valued furniture and fixtures.

PU Foam Buffer

Useful for all PU applications, including coatings, cast elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, rigid foams, semi-rigid foams, sealants, adhesives, flexible foams, etc.

EVA Sheet/Roll

EVA is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials that are "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility. The material is clear and glossy, tough at low temperatures, stress-crack resistant, waterproof with hot-melt adhesive, and resistant to UV rays.

EVA Fabrication

Mefron forges EVA protective structures by molding. The long role of handy and flexible EVA sheets is molded into different shapes, rolls, boxes, and any other shapes.

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