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Our team of experts ensures the quality of each product manufactured at the Mefron facility through a thread of testing services. We know how important testing is for OEMs and ODMs; hence, we design testing services to ensure your customers get the right product with the right quality.

Before being shipped to customers, all PCBs and PCB assemblies are extensively checked for any faults. To meet the requirements for quality, performance, and reliability and eliminate any chance of a return or rework, our internal testing team develops a range of testing solutions.

Electronic product testing

Functional verification & troubleshooting

IP verification services

Performance validation

Regression testing

Quality inspection

User acceptance testing

EMI & EMC testing

Design analysis

Regulatory & standard testing

PCBA Testing

In-Circuit testing

Functional testing

Burn in test

Spectrum test

Design analysis

Solder integrity

Customized testing according to the standard and customer requirement

Gain customer trust

Mefron testing services make it possible for you to stand ahead in product quality and market competitiveness, making sure that your products are always reliable and attracting repeat customers.

Save the cost of rework

We ensure the product's quality before it is put on the market, so you can eliminate any chance of having to have faulty products reworked or replaced.

Ensure the quality

Mefron testing services are tailored to each product to assure quality prior to customer delivery. Testing ensures that the EMC, toughness, and other quality standards are met.

Warranty / guarantee assurance

Mefron testing services can help ensure that products meet warranty and guarantee program standards, such as those related to the product's performance or lifespan.

We look after

Flying Probe: This testing approach is non-destructive and non-invasive, enabling thorough and accurate testing without harming the PCB. A number of extremely accurate probes make contact with different spots on the PCB or electronic component during the flying probe testing procedure. These probes can be configured to check for a variety of problems, such as shorts, opens, and other flaws that might impair the device's performance or functioning.

In-Circuit Testing: In-circuit testing involves inspecting the electrical properties of the circuitry and components, while they are still on the PCB using specialist testing equipment, enabling a thorough and precise evaluation of their performance. It is one of the most complex methods of automated PCB testing, with 98% fault coverage. During the testing, signals are applied to the components and the electrical paths across the PCB are traced in order to look for shorts, open circuits, bad soldering, the wrong transistor or diode orientation, and other issues.

Functional Testing: One of the final steps in EMS that guarantees the product is functional according to its design. FCT's objective in manufacturing is to guarantee that the hardware for the product is free of flaws that may otherwise prevent the product from functioning properly in a system application.

Burn-In Test: This sort of testing allows us to examine the performance of PCBs at high temperatures if the customer requests it. Mefron provides thorough burn-in testing services to help make sure the electronic parts you depend on work effectively and adhere to the highest requirements for quality and safety. Burn-in test results allow our engineers to better analyze flaws and make changes that increase product dependability. This type of testing establishes how long your PCB will persist under challenging real-world circumstances.

X-Ray Inspection: We employ X-ray systems capable of 2D and 3D inspection workflows. The X-ray inspection is ideal for inspecting hidden joints in underside pads and ball grid arrays (BGAs). X-ray inspection helps detect solder voids and has one of the highest detection rates for faults, that are not otherwise detectable by inspection.

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